PUBG GFX Plus Tool APK v 0.17.7 [Update Version]

PUBG GFX Plus Tool: Hello? I hope you all do great. Guys today i’m getting to tell you about one among the simplest ever game updates till now. As we all know that PUBG’s craze is getting bigger day by day. Everyone in your friend circle is playing PUBG. But the matter with PUBG is that it requires a high-end mobile with a minimum of 3 GB of RAM. Now the thing is everyone can’t afford a high-end mobile. So, what are often done? to beat this problem, i’m getting to offer you the simplest solution in order that you’ll play PUBG on your low-end devices also.

PUBG GFX Plus Tool

PUBG GFX + Tool is usually designed to form your PUBG gameplay an awesome gamer’s experience. By adding this tool you’ll get an absolute high resolution with some brilliant graphics. In short, your gaming experience will recover if you employ this GFX + Tool. during this article, i will be able to tell you the entire guide about this with the download and installation. SonyLIV Mod Apk


Key Features of PUBG GFX + Tool

You can also adjust Shadow in your gameplay. It is one of the things which affects your gameplay. I would suggest you keep the shadow option off if you have a really low-end mobile.
You can save your graphics setting anytime. It also allows you to have default settings so that you can change them until you get the best settings
Unlike the official PUBG settings, you can play at the maximum available FPS rate. You can go up to Extreme level in-game settings.
Graphics options like Soft, Colourful, Realistic and Classic are also available. Make it realistic to get a better experience.
You can enable the MSAA feature. By enabling this feature you can get smoother gameplay. Also, the distant objects will be clearly visible to you.
Depending upon your phone’s screen size you can further lower down the resolution so as to get a smoother experience.

Advanced Features

The battery will also get saved if you set the Lag Mode option to the highest.
You get the option for Memory Boost. It makes your game 30% faster than it actually is. Your game will run super smooth if you turn this ON.
Zero Lag Mode is also one of the best features of this tool. Reduce you Lag to highest to get smoother gameplay.
It comes with GPU Optimization: It means that you can adjust your GPU settings and can play at the highest graphics option available.

Note: All these advanced Pro features are available in paid features


Name Filename:       PUB+Gfx++Tool.apk
Developer:               Trikala Inc.
Download:                1.5 Million+
Latest version:          v0.17.7
Support:                   Android 3.0+
Size:                         2.7M

Download Tool

PUB Gfx+ Tool APK 0.17.9 with advance settings [Video Guide]



I hope I even have provided you with detailed information about what you were trying to find. Pubg GFX + Tool is basically an awesome must-have app on your device if you enjoy playing Pubg. Your low-end devices won’t be a drag if you’ve got this tool installed on your device.

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